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Professional management and maintenance of systems

To protect the continued normal operation of the various systems within the hospital, we are always ready to provide professional hospital management and preventive services.In order to be truly professional and absorbed, Glory professional team with more than 50 professional engineers, is dedicated to providing a full range of system management and maintenance services, including electrical and mechanical equipment, elevators and system maintenance, management and maintenance of the central oxygen system, medical gas and negative pressure suction system management and maintenance and so on, to major hospitals.

Management of Special Use Medical Room

Management of special use medical room is space for special use medical room of the hospital, such as ICU, CCU, operating rooms, emergency rooms, delivery room, central laboratory, blood dialysis room, clean space, etc. For different maintenance and management plans, with professional management staff of the professional space management and preventive maintenance. We have a wealth of experience in the design and management of operating room space and other professional, efficient maintenance team permanent hospital to ensure reach the scene within 10 minutes when receive the call. Serve the department with attentive, caring, professional spirit.

Maintenance of Medical Facilities

Modern hospitals have advanced medical equipment, precision instruments, advanced features,so conventionally maintained by the vendor is costly as well as inefficient. we take full account of hospital demand, introduce and train in all aspects of medical equipment maintenance professionals, develop targeted preventive maintenance program for medical equipment , and always ready to provide professional and efficient service. Glorys high quality services has received the recognition and praise from hospitals.

Management of Hospital Logistics Material Services

By stable sources of medical consumables and logistics network, we provide logistics management and value-added services for hospitals. With high-quality products and lower prices, we can help hospitals reduce costs as well as guarantee the timely supply, reasonable inventory and scientific management of medical consumables.

Accompany Nurse&Nursing Worker Service

In order to meet the reasonable needs of patients, we engage to provide a comprehensive, family-like, patient-centered, professional services. Not only do we assist patients who are  in need of hospitalized life care, psychological care, dietary guidance, observation of the disease, but also accompany patients receiving the examination and treatment. And we assist needy patients in collecting, registering and inspecting Urine sample timely, delivering of a variety of medical documents designated price, billing and so on. We also prepare for patients before them admitted to hospital, arrange beds after discharge as well as daily disinfection and cleaning work.

Medical Instruction from Guiding-nurse

Receiving the patients and those who seeking treatment with initiative and willingness.

Enplaning the hospital information and treatment procedures with smile and patient.

Timely introduction of hospital related departments, technical level, characteristic special departments,

Wining patient’s trust in the hospital, and establishing patient’s confidence for seeking treatment.

Take the initiative to assist the patient seek truth in Departments. Become an important consultation bridge of patients and hospital.

Security staff

Security staff

Through the social recruitment of retired soldiers, provide professional and strict training, with humane management,To cultivate a disciplined and civilized management security team.

To provide professional security services for major hospitals to ensure that the hospital and the patient's financial is not damaged at the same time.

Warm and friendly service attitude, professional and comprehensive skills.

Highly praised and affirmed by the major hospitals and their families.

Cleanness & Greening

Fresh air and elegant treatment environment can give patients physical and mental comfort, thus more conducive to the rehabilitation and Wellness.

In strict accordance with the Hygiene Department of disinfection clean standard, provide professional cleaning and disinfection services to the hospital floor, ward, the department, elevators and other facilities and equipment to make hospitals clean and comfortable.

Regular greening and maintenance, the implementation of systematic, scientific and standardized management of green, to create an elegant green environment for the hospital,

Add unlimited vitality, patients feel like being in nature, helps healthy process.

Parking lot management

twenty-four hours of professional management for the hospital's vehicle parking.

Ensure vehicle safety and hospital traffic flow, remove worries for the hospital,

At the same time also open up new business income for the hospital, and create benefits.


Glory Medical hospital Logistics Management Service Co., Ltd. based on hospital, and effectively do a good job in the hospital logistics management services.

For the convenience of the hospital staff, patients and their families dine, Providing nutrition and health food service.

For patients with different conditions, equipped with a professional division to configure the different types of patients with different types of nutritional meals,

And provide a comfortable dining environment and delicious food and beverage service for the general hospital staff and patients' families.


Commercial Operation

Fully embodies the concept of the patient centered service, with the service of humanity, through the professional team and mature business channels,

Provide a full range of quality services like retail, beauty salons, chess leisure, medicated diet, book rental, ticket booking and typing photocopying etc for patients, families and staff.

To ensure that patients and employees enjoy the Convenient personalized service.

Hospital Management

Hospital Management

Professional medical logistics services

Glory Medical provides logistics management services for hospitals, and thanks to its commitment to details that make perfection possible, emulation on the essence of management of foreign hospitals, introduction of the advanced management system of foreign hospitals, it has established a set of complete, efficient and standard hospital logistics management systems in consideration of realities of domestic hospitals. The system provides logistics services to hospitals that can be updated with the development of the hospitals to eliminate worries and save efforts for hospitals, as a result, it can well serve the general public.

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